“Training with James is great. He takes it seriously but makes it fun! I joined his bootcamp and enjoyed every session. The circuits in particular were well-thought, balanced and varied. If you’re like me and find it hard to commit to a regular exercise routine or get bored easily with standard gym stuff, you must contact him!”
Cecilia Perla

“I hired James to help me lose nearly two stone gained after having two children. His personal training sessions and bootcamp were fun, varied and effective.  My fitness improved considerably and if he can motivate someone like me, who was formerly a couch potato, he can motivate anyone!”
Julia Champion

“James gave me the confidence to really push my boundaries and with his encouragement I reached a new level of fitness, which has given me greater self-confidence. His friendly but firm approach works wonders!”
Rob Bates

“James group bootcamp sessions are  friendly and enjoyable. He is  very good at adapting to a group of very mixed fitness levels.”
Gary Samett

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