Run faster

Long distance

Are you running the a marathon – or any other race – this year?

Well now is the time to start training.

It’s vital to start off a long-distance running programme with some strength training exercises that will help protect you from injury when the hard miles start to come.

I’ve four ultra marathons (including one 100 mile race), five marathons and countless half-marathons under my belt, so I know what I’m talking about.

Starting out

Running is an ideal way to burn off calories if you are looking to lose weight and if you are are just starting out, it can seem like a chore. By mixing things up, starting on run-walk programmes and graduating to fuller runs, I can get you on the go.

We can go from couch to 5k (3miles) and register for your first race to run together. I’ll be by your side every step of the way (if you want me there!) to offer encouragement, help and guidance… and at the end of it all, you get a great sense of achievement (and sometimes even a medal!).

Race-specific training

Looking to improve your times over certain distances? I’ll devise a full race-ready training programme for you.

Email me to set up your programme

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