Protein-packed tricolour scrambled egg

tricolour omelette

Eggs used to get such a bad wrap but are now considered a health-conscious dream. Try this protein-packed tricolour scrambled egg for breakfast or elevenses. 

I absolutely love eggs – they’re such a great way of getting protein in your diet, which is essential for people who are exercising and want to lose weight.

Protein not only helps keep you full for longer but is also essential for rebuilding muscle that breaks down with exercise, meaning you come back fitter and stronger.

On the West Coast of the USA, it’s all about the egg white – it have most of the protein and less of the fat that’s in a yolk. But I can find whites only a little on the bland side, which is why I make this scrambled egg with four egg whites and one whole egg. There’s a whopping 12g of protein in a serving.

The addition of peppers, onions and spinach adds vital antioxidants and ups the vitamin C and A count giving more than your recommended daily allowance – and at 207 calories, it won’t be too consuming if you’re calorie counting either.

5 large eggs
1 clove garlic
1/2 medium red pepper
1/2 medium yellow pepper
1 onion
1 cup spinach
1 tbsp olive oil


Finely chop your onion, garlic and peppers and add to a  frying pan with the olive oil. Put on a medium heat and allow to sweat until the onions become see-through.

In the meantime, separate the yolks from four of the eggs. To do this, get two bowls,  take one of the and crack it in half. Pour the white from one half, catching the yolk in the other, allowing the white to drop into one bowl. Keep tipping the egg yolk from one half to the other until all the white has been removed. Put the egg yolk in the other bowl.

Repeat the above for four eggs and put the separated yolks to one side (they can be used in an egg custard or a carbonara).

Add the final egg to the mix along with its yolk and whisk all together.

Remove the veg mix from the pan and turn the heat up slightly. After a minute, pour in the egg mix and swirl around with a wooden spoon.

Leave until almost set, then use the wooden spoon to chop up and add in the vegetable mix and stir to mix it all up.

Add the spinach and stir in until it wilts. Serve while still hot.

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