My story

To say I’d always been a fitness fanatic would be a lie… I ran a lot of cross country when I was a kid and was a regular member and captain of the school’s football team. But then I went to University and it mostly went to pot.

Luckily, I seemed able to retain a base level of fitness and it was only an expanding waistline as I hit my early 30s that made me take my health a little more seriously and start using the gym.

Nine years ago, my father was taken to hospital where he remained in a coma for three months. My lifestyle choices degenerated dramatically. I’d rush from an office job to the hospital, would eat rubbish, was smoking 30 cigarettes a day and was drinking too much. When dad passed away, I didn’t change either, but kept going in a downward spiral.

Six months later, I’d gained almost 30 pounds in weight, surprising myself when I topped a scale at almost 16 stones. I’d progressively been buying larger and larger sized clothes in an effort to hide it all away – but those scales made me stop and think again.

I returned to the gym, set myself a challenge to lose weight and began running and eating better. The last thing I wanted was to end up in an early grave.

My re-found love of fitness, not to mention my vain side, saw me lose three stones and drop eight per cent of body fat. I became fitter and healthier, I drank less and quit smoking.

I feel as though I’ve gained another decade of life… I’m fitter than I have ever been – and I eventually quit my office job to train as a fitness instructor.

Why tell you all this? Because if you are looking to better yourself, it’s likely you may have felt some of the despair I did. I worked in an office, had a decent social life and then, when things got tough, had no natural fitness or willpower left to reverse the tide.

I understand the barriers to exercise – the feeling that there is always something better to do (that is usually detrimental to our health) – and I can help you surpass them.

Whether you need help with a programme, want to get a lapsed fitness kick started again or start eating better – by working together, I can help you achieve those goals.

About me

Born in a pub in a South Yorkshire mining town in the late Sixties, I grew up in Greece before moving back to England at the age of 20. On my return, I trained as a photographer and journalist.

My work has since graced the pages of many national newspapers, including Metro, where I worked for a decade, three years of which were as health editor.

In 2009, I left to re-train as a fitness instructor.

I now live in Pool in Wharfedale with my wife Laura, our twin daughters Martha and Gracie and twin cats Mini and Uma.


REPS registered Level 2 gym instructor

REPS registered Level 3 Personal Trainer

REPS registered Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity

REPS registered Level 3 Active Ageing Specialist

REPS registered Level 3 Ante and Post Natal Specialist

REPS registered Level 3 Bootcamp and Circuit Training Specialist

REPS registered Level 3 Exercise Referral Specialist

REPS registered Level 3 Functional Resistance Training Specialist

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