Healthy Christmas dinner


It’s the time of year where we all over-indulge, but follow these tips for a more healthy Christmas dinner.

Turkey – the bodybuilders’ favourite bird is packed with protein and low in fat if you stick to breast meat. If you can afford it, go for a crown without the fattier legs and wings. Either way, cook the bird on a trivet to allow fat to drip out, rather than having the turkey sit in it. You can still baste it to keep it moist.

Roast potatoes – if you were being uber good, you could replace these for baked potatoes and cut out a hefty chunk of calories. If not, try roasting them in coconut oil. Coconut oil is said to be metabolised rather than stored by the body – and studies show that people who consume two tablespoons a day burned more calories than a group who didn’t.

Cranberry sauce – make your own rather than store bought. It takes little time and all you need are cranberries and a natural sweetener such as stevia or agave nectar. Ensure you don’t put too much in by boiling the cranberries first and then adding and taste testing a couple of spoonfuls a time so you don’t overdo it.

Veg – eating more Brussels is a good start. But simply steaming them and not slathering them in butter (a little won’t hurt) is a good way to do.

Desert – try a fruit salad with Greek yoghurt instead of the usual stodge.
However you cook it – and who am I to tell you not to have a day off the health kick – have an absolutely brilliant Christmas.