Get fitter

Looking to lose a dress size, tone up ahead of a beach holiday, get in shape for your big day, or knock a few minutes off a race time?

Then personal training could be the answer, but it’s also great motivation for those who have never exercised or have severely lapsed.

A good PT will talk to you and find out your needs, look at your exercise history, analyse your diet and perform a basic health and fitness check. All your details and measurements are recorded for future reference.

They will then discuss the kind of exercise you like and what you don’t and highlight how you might reach your goals with a particular exercise programme. They will then create a bespoke exercise programme and help take you through it, offering help, advice, encouragement and support along the way.

They will constantly monitor you and your fitness to help you become successful in reaching your goals and ensure that there is constant progression in your fitness.

When you exercise, your body adapts to cope by becoming fitter and stronger. If you remove the new stimulus or the stimulus becomes old, the body stops adapting and the changes seen to date will be reversed.

I can help you get fitter and reach your goals – email me for a free consultation

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