Free total body monitoring

I now offer free total body monitoring for my personal training clients in Pool in Wharfedale, North Leeds, Harrogate and surrounding areas.

A couple of years ago, I was given the chance to tour the Football Association’s new coaching centre at Burton on Trent. It’s a magnificent complex with 13 pitches, one of them that is indoors.

There’s also a great medical centre there two and the public can go to St George’s, stay in one of the two Hilton hotels on the site and get themselves checked out by the same people who do the England team.

While touring the centre, we came across a Tanita Body Composition Monitor and all of us on the tour were allowed to have a go. The monitor sends impulses through your body and works out your weight, bone mass, lean mass (how much muscle you have) and your body fat percentage. It also calculates, based on all those figures, just how old your body is on a metabolic level – I’m glad to say I came up as 31, not bad for a 46-year-old man a few months short of moving up the categories list when I fill in age-related forms.

The fact I come up 15 years younger comes from my regime: I train hard, eat well most of the time and enjoy the odd blowout and occasional drink. It’s not rocket science but there are so many barriers to getting started on an exercise programme that many people never get round to it.

They’re too busy, too stressed, can’t afford it… I’ve been there. In fact I spent most of my late 20s and all of my 30s there, so I know just how hard it can be. Sometimes though, all you need is the push and the support that can be offered by someone who has been in your position to help you along and away you go. I know that when I made the decision to get fit, it was the best decision I made in my life. Not because other things are less important, but because I now know that I can enjoy those other things, like family moments enjoying my daughter’s grow up, for longer.

The Body Composition Monitor at the FA Centre can be booked by people as part of a larger programme that can cost 100s of pounds – this is private healthcare after all.

But I’ve purchased a portable version of my own and am now offering total body monitoring¬†as a free add-on to consultations for clients wishing to embark on a block of personal training sessions.

If you want to find out how old your body is, come and see me for a consultation. The good news is, whatever the result, we can start immediately on making the number much, much smaller…