Eat better

Diet’s become somewhat a dirty word over the past 20 or 30 years – mainly because people associate it with the latest fad eating plan: Atkins, Dukan, cabbage soup, the 5:2 diet… or whatever.

While many of these will make you lose some weight, ultimately many people find them unsatisfactory and fall off the wagon quite quickly when they achieve their aims. As they are unsustainable, the weight just comes back when you revert to normal eating patterns.

But the word diet is much malligned. In its purest sense, diet is simply the amount and type of food you consume, your food intake if you like.

By looking at how you fuel your body and making some subtle changes, you can make great strides in feeling healthier, fitter, stronger and more energetic.

What’s more, you’ll find you don’t have to cut out meals and feel hungry, In fact, by having a steady intake of healthy food and liquids, you can easily eat five or six meals a day and still lose weight as well.

As part of every PT plan with me, you’ll keep a seven day food diary and we’ll analyse the results together to achieve an eating plan you can not only stick to, but really enjoy.

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