Dead within two years? No thanks…

There was a great story in the Daily Mail a couple of years ago about Carole Wright, a mum who has lost 20stones – or 12 dress sizes – and was voted┬áSlimming World’s Woman of the Year. She did this after being told by her GP that she would die within two years if she stayed the same weight.

You can read the full story here.

While I’m not entirely familiar with Slimming World’s dietary program, I do know that it’s not just about food and eating but that they advise people to take part in activity as well.

Losing weight is, at its basest level (i.e. for most of us) a simple equation – you need to burn more fuel than you put in.

A pound (or 500g) of fat equals 3,500 calories – which means that by eating just 500 calories a day more than what you should would add on a pound a week. That’s less than a McDonald’s burger, a couple of packets of crisps or a couple of pints of beer.

Extrapolate that over a year and you’d gain 52 pounds in a year – almost four stones or 27kg in new money.

Conversely, burn more than 500 extra calories a day and you should lose the same amount.

Play the numbers game when it comes to food and exercise and you can’t fail to lose weight.