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Christmas Insanity Live! classes

Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean we don’t want to stay fit, so here the Insanity Live! Classes coming up over the next few weeks:

December 21 – St Giles Church, Bramhope at 7pm. See here for more

December 28 – St Giles Church, Bramhope at 7pm. See here for more

December 30 – Mercure Parkway hotel at 7pm. See here for more. This is a special one-off class organised by myself after popular demand. The class will start at 7pm and payment will be £5 for members and non members.

January 4 – St Giles Church, Bramhope at 7.30pm. See here for more. Please note this one-off later start time.


Holiday sale: discounted personal training sessions in North Leeds


Black Friday, Christmas, New Year… it seems everyone has a sale on, so here’s my pitch for discounted personal training sessions in North Leeds.

From today until January 31, I’m offering a whopping 25 per cent off block bookings for one-on-one PT sessions, so if whether you want to get fit for the office party, or shed the pounds in the New Year, here’s your chance.
Sessions can take place in your own home, in the fitted gym at my home or in the open air, our lovely weather permitting of course. Sessions are held in the North Leeds and Harrogate area: Pool, Otley, Harrogate, Adel, Bramphope etc.


New prices are:

5 sessions for £150 (save £50)

10 sessions for £290 (save £110)

In both cases, your health check and mini session (1 hour in total) are free. And I’ll also throw in free Insanity Live! sessions at my Monday class in Bramhope for the duration.

So you get:

  • FREE health check, consultation and mini session
  • Full diet analysis, tips and home training plan
  • Body composition analysis (body fat, visceral fat, hydration levels, metabolic age) prior to starting and at the end of your program to check progress
  • A block of 5 or 10 one-on-one PT sessions
  • 5 or 10 FREE Insanity Live classes

Contact me here to sign up or for more details

Unfortunately, block booking discounts can only be redeemed for one-on-one sessions. For groups prices, please see here 

Changes to Insanity Live!


So there are some changes to Insanity Live! coming in round 14 that will be with us from Monday, September 21.

Don’t worry, the core of your favourite workout remains the same… it’s still based on blocks of max interval training but you will notice some subtle changes to the format.

For those who are newbies or who have never done Insanity Live! before, there are also more modifications and more of a build up to a session’s intensity, meaning it’s more open to more people than ever – if you’ve never been to a class, come and see what the fuss is all about. Don’t forget, you’ve got nothing to lose, as the first class in Bramhope is always free.

Take a look at this video to see what I mean

For those who come and love Insanity Live! in its current format, here’s what is going to change:

The warm-up – this still consists of six exercises, but we will now be doing two sets rather than three. The warm-up also has more mobility moves in it, which means we can lose the dynamic stretch that followed. Instead there is a…
Focus section – this 60 second break is designed for you to get a quick drink and come straight back in for a jog on the spot where we’ll talk a little about the blocks to come. You’ve got to keep moving though, to stay warm for…

Block 1 Plyometrics and speed – this takes on exactly the same format as before: 3 sets of 4x30sec moves, followed by a power move, 30 seconds of rest and…

Block 2 Strength and stability – this takes on exactly the same format as before: 3 sets of 4x30sec moves, followed by a power move, 30 seconds of rest and…

Block 3 Agility and co-ordination – this takes on exactly the same format as before: 3 sets of 4x30sec moves, followed by a power move, 30 seconds of rest and…

Block 4 Abs and core – this replaces the old 8 mins of ab work we had to do previously. It brings abs and core into the main session and follows the same rules as the other blocks: 3 sets of 4x30sec moves, followed by a power move, 30 seconds of rest and…

Focus section – another 60 second ‘break’ (notice, I put inverted commas around it this time) is designed for you to get a quick drink and come straight back in for a jog on the spot where we’ll talk a little about the next bit which is…

Dig deeper – 3 of the moves already done… but 60 seconds of each. Here we’ll split the class, team up, go against each other and generally end the session on a HIGH before…

Cool down and stretch – All your favourite stretch moves here, designed to get the heart rate back to normal and prepare the muscles for post-session recovery.

I’ve tried round 14 already, and I know you’ll love it.

Train Insane




Why group training works

group training

Group training or classes such as Insanity Live! can help spur you to achieve better results in your fitness regime. 

Take a look at the two watches above. They’re photos of the screens of my Garmin watch that help me measure my training performance.

It records tonnes of details: how far and fast I’ve ran, swim or biked, at what elevation and what my heart rate was throughout. The one you’re probably interested in though is on the bottom right – the amount of calories I burn in a training session.

As you’ll see from the above, the session on the right saw me burn 156 calories more than the one on the left… yet it was exactly the same workout, but done on different days.

The reading on the left was while testing Insanity Live! Round 13 at home in my garage gym, the one on the right is from the first time I taught it live in a class.

Theoretically, you might expect the workout on the left to have burnt more calories. When testing the session before taking it live, I do it first as though being taught by another instructor, plus when I teach live, I often break to check people’s form and offer corrections while the rest of the class is still working.

So why did I burn so many more calories in the group class? It’s mostly down to the fact that when we exercise with other people, like it or not, they act as an inspiration to us, making us work harder, putting more effort in and, ultimately, burning more calories.

It’s a phenomenon you can see in almost every form of exercise. Train for a running race, a 5k, 10k or a marathon – and your pace on race day, when surrounded by tens, hundreds or thousands of other runners, will be much faster than your training pace.

There’s no doubt that having a dedicated trainer, who will tailor an exercise and nutrition program to your goals is the best option when it comes to achieving your fitness goals… but I appreciate not everyone can afford a one-to-one service.

If not, exercising with a partner or partners (I offer group PT sessions for up to 4 people with similar goals) or group exercise classes such as Insanity Live! are an excellent way to motivate yourself to do more.

There’s an excellent article on group exercise and its benefits by the American College of Sports Medicine here if you want to find out more.

Insanity training in North Leeds

Insanity training in north Leeds

Looking for an intense work-out class? Insanity training in north Leeds,  Pool in Wharfedale, Harrogate and Otley is here!

What is Insanity?

Insanity is a group session using high intensity interval training (HIIT) techniques.

You work out to your maximum potential for 2 minutes and then rest for 30 seconds, before starting the process again.

Developed by US personal trainer Shaun T (above), Insanity started out as a home DVD programme, but group classes are now here.

No weights are needed but bring bags of energy, a bottle of water, and a towel – it’s a workout that will make you sweat and torch calories like no other. A yoga mat is useful, but not essential.

See my Facebook page for latest classes and don’t forget to take advantage of the block booking discounts

Is it for me?

You should be in reasonable shape to take part, but I can regress exercises to most levels.
If you’d like a taster of what the DVD is like, see the below video