I’m a personal trainer based in Pool in Wharfedale and working in clients’ homes and parks in north Leeds and Harrogate, while I also have a fully equipped home gym.

Within reason, I travel anywhere in north Leeds to offer personal training sessions. And if you’re in an area I don’t cover, I can recommend someone closer to you.

Help in getting results

I can help you regain mobility after injury, tone up, lose weight, train for a run or boost your energy levels – and each programme is tailored to your needs.

After an initial meeting where I will perform a free assessment, we will discuss your goals and make sure they are SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time framed.

Through a combination of training sessions, dietary advice and support, we’ll achieve those goals – and we’ll do regular assessments to make sure you are on track.

What is personal training?

An individualised training plan tailored to help achieve your goals. For advanced athletes it can include sport specific exercises but for most people it will involve a series of exercises to get you moving and to provide a high level of functional fitness.

Sessions can include walking, skipping, running, jumping, shadow boxing and some resistance exercises with bodyweight, bands, medicine balls or weights.

After each session comes the good bit – we always perform a series of assisted stretches to help improve flexibility.

Get in touch

For a free consultation and fitness assessment, email me